ADCAN is the oldest established nanny support group in the United States, founded by nannies for area nannies.

ADCAN's founder Harriette Grant was also instrumental in the formation of the INA-International Nanny Association and the NAN-National Association of Nannies. Harriette Grant was a nanny for 40 years. She graduated from St. Margaret’s Home and Hospital for Babies. She dedicated her life to raising other people’s children and always said, "I can't imagine any other profession that could be more rewarding." 

ADCAN began its early stages of development as an idea in 1985 and became established in 1986. Over the years ADCAN has offered educational, social, fund raising and volunteer opportunities for its members. We currently strive to do all of these things as we continue to support and promote the nanny profession.

ADCAN's Founder's and First Board of Directors included:

Ellen Grosshenrick, Laurie Stavor, Tracy Guinn, Harriette Grant, Shannon Sword, Jean Shoemburg and Penny Andrews.