ADCAN Membership has many benifits to offer. We have six levels of membership to accommodate varied interest. All of our members are listed in our member directory and each of our members is provided with a directory twice a year. It is a great nanny networking tool.

Active (Yearly Dues $25)


1. Currently employed as a professional nanny.

2. Currently employed as an au pair, in-home child care provider and/or mother's helper.

Associate (Yearly Dues of $35)


1. Professional nanny not currently employed as such, or who may be living outside the DC Metro area.

Agency * (Yearly Dues of $75)


1. Any agency or industry related businesses that is involved with nannies in the DC metro area.

Spousal *(Yearly Dues of $15)


1. Any spouse of any current member.

Temporary * (Dues of $15)


1. A nanny/child care provider in the DC area for four (4) months or less.





Please check out our Calendar of Events page to see what kind of events as a member you have the opportunity to become involved in. More information about our Newsletter can be found on our Newsletter page. We welcome getting to know each one of our new members.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out our membership application.

*Please note that only Active/Associate members have voting privileges. Agency, Temporary, Newsletter Only and Spousal Memberships are non-voting.*